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"EduSteps online English courses and live teacher support improved my english so quickly.  Being able to earn money whilst learning is a great motivator"

Xian Yi (Bejing, China)

What do I learn from our "Speaking" lessons?


To speak English well, you need not only a GOOD LEARNING SYSTEM, but also an EXCELLENT SPEAKING COACH.  Edusteps has both!


I am going to show you just how we systematically and progressively teach our students how to speak with great fluency and accuracy.


We will teach you through LIVE CHAT how to pronounce sounds, syllables and words correctly.  


Once you master the pronunciation, we will move on to teaching skills on how to LINK SOUNDS together correctly and smoothly so that you speak like a native speaker.


There is much more to learn than saying words correctly, which is what online dictionaries can help you with.  WE DO WAY MORE.

Let us help you!

Speaking coaches will demonstrate pronunciation and students can ask for clarification or repetition immediately.

Clear Explanation
1. Overview better b_edited_edited.png

We can zoom in to see and teach you how to precisely move different parts of their mouths to utter targeted sounds.

Live Instructions
2 zoom in better.png

We will immediately draw your attention to errors or highlight the application of newly learned skills.

Effective learning
3 highlight.png

After the reading aloud session, the speaking coach will carefully choose relevant topics for discussion or a short speech.  


The coach will first give students an written example, which will be learned and delivered by the students.


After the students are more familiar with the content of what they are supposed to say, they will be instructed to create their own responses with guiding questions.  

For example: IELTS candidates might be asked to talk about their names.  A model response will be given:

Name sample.png

Then, we will ask students to create their own responses with the help of the model answer and some guiding questions.  They will deliver their product and we will give them immediate feedback!

Guiding questions and their own response
Post lesson analysis.png

We will record students' output.  Students will also be required to submit audio recording assignments.  These audio files will be analysed carefully and we will customize our teaching to find the most effective way for students to acquire the best pronunciation and delivery he or she can possibly achieve!

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