"EduSteps online English courses and live teacher support improved my english so quickly.  Being able to earn money whilst learning is a great motivator"

Xian Yi (Bejing, China)

What is our 3 stage learning process?
How do I GET  HKD $100  reward each lesson?



First, you have to understand why we keep this a 3 stage process.

We want our students to be independent learners who are
Remembering, Retaining and Reusing


  • Read our set of notes

  • Understand the tables and graphs of rules and explanation

  • search & learn words you don't know

Stage 1 :
Minimal teacher invasion & high level of student learning and absorbing on their own

Then, do the homework assignment !

  • get 80% or above -->  move on to new lesson and earn HKD$100 reward !

  • less than 80%  -->  move on to stage 2 !


On our whiteboard, our teachers have listed out what you have done wrong, what you need to remember and how you should go about the questions through

  • images of the questions & issues you got wrong

  • explanations teachers left for you
         - what you should be careful of
         - how you should go about the questions

  • voice and video recording to go into depth & something teachers can't merely just write

Stage 2 :
Targeted teacher assistance & clarification of what the student doesn't understand

Then, do the homework assignment again!

Because of the repetition, we hope you get reinforcement & retainment !

  • get 80% or above -->  move on to new lesson and earn HKD$100 reward !

  • less than 80%  -->  move on to stage 3 !

2 zoom in better.png

We will go through the lesson with you one-on-one for maximum teacher intervention and support.

  • face-to-to explanation & resolution of what you are stuck

  • Get it clarified, so we can remove the barriers and learn this gap

Stage 3 :
Let us guide you

Then, do the homework assignment again!

Get more than 80% and move on to the next lesson !

How FAST !
How much time you put in the lesson !
All depends on YOU !


We offer each of our students HKD$100 reward because we really want YOU to KNOW what you are learning !


  • STRIVE towards the goal

  • Get the money $


Our Learn & Earn scheme is effective for students enrolled in 

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary Enhancement

  • Listening

  • Comprehension

Learning can be fun & motivational !

Get rewarded $100HKD per lesson NOW !

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