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What do I learn from "Reading Comprehension" lessons?


Welcome to Edusteps' online private English learning!

I am going to show you how our reading comprehension lessons work!

Lots of students think reading comprehension can be really hard because there might be a lot of words they don't know, and then they will panic and go blank.  Because they believe they can't understand the passage, they will give up and not try to figure it out. 

In our reading comprehension lessons, there are two parts, "View Text" and "View Summary".
In "View text", students will read through the article or passage where short and long answer questions will be asked.  in "View summary", we expand on the reading passage and make students become aware of new vocabulary or sentence writing they should be exposed to.  You will get more background information regarding the article, and important texts you should be paying attention to. 

Each article is about a specific topic.  When you start reading the article, you will be exposed to many new vocabulary relating to that topic.  reading article has different topic. 


Vocabulary explanation is an important part of enhancing your vocabulary and understanding their meanings will help you when you answer questions


You will also find questions relating to your personal experiences.  These are all creative questions that get you to expand your thoughts and write out longer passage answers

Personal Experience

After understanding the article, you are NOW READY to start on your homework assignment!

Now is your turn to show us if you really understand the passage!
  Our reading comprehension homework assignments are filled with exercises such as:

Choose the right answer

Just like at school, find the right answer from the article. Remember to look for the answer by finding the key words.


Complete the sentence

Completing the sentence by distinguishing whether it should be followed by a verb, a noun, an adverb, an adjective or a preposition.  See for yourself how sentences are formed to help you with your own writing.



Complete the sentences with the correct words. You should be able to guess the words as you read and understand the article.  Also, we provide you a tool that help you translate unknown vocabularies!


Long Answer

Long answers help you write clear passages which will then be turned into long essays.  Are you able to avoid grammatical errors and write in a clean and crisp style?


Just in a reading comprehension lesson, you get to learn all of these! You learn how to find key words, so you can answer more quickly. You learn new words, so you can express your opinions more easily. You get to learn how to write a short passage, so you writing skills get improved.

Also!  Did I tell you that technology allows us to embed many great amazing tools within your learning so that a teacher is by your side 24/7!

All these are found in 1 lesson of our certified English Grammar 
learning class!  What are you waiting for?!  Come!  
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 Be in control of your own English learning!


Anytime you don't know how to pronounce the words, 
want to listen to how it is said, or understand the meaning of 
the word, all you have to do is highlight it and right click 
to find all those embedded functions we have ready for your disposal!

"EduSteps online English courses and live teacher support improved my english so quickly.  Being able to earn money whilst learning is a great motivator"

Xian Yi (Bejing, China)
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