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"EduSteps online English courses and live teacher support improved my english so quickly.  Being able to earn money whilst learning is a great motivator"

Xian Yi (Bejing, China)

How does the whole "Learn & Earn" work?



Are you falling behind in school ?

Do you need to prepare for HKDSE / TOEFL / IELTS / SAT ?

Do you notice your English at work is pulling you down ?

Are you immigrating ? Going on exchange ?

Studying overseas ?

You know you NEED to improve English,

​but how do you begin?

What is right for me?

Where do I start from?

Let us give you an effective solution teaching ONLY what YOU need,

NOT the student next to you or across from you,



​It will immediately

  • give you a score if you are to take IELTS, HKDSE, TOEFL, SAT

  • know your English level if you are to immigrate / study overseas

You can choose to complete the entire test or only the sections you need.

Complete our CEFR certified English Placement Test


Review your score and obtain your CEFR certificate.

  • see where you did well and what you don't understand

  • obtain a copy of your CEFR certificate (recognised globally)

  • offer you a proposed learning plan

  • share with you our pioneered "Learn &Earn" program 
    (we PAY you to learn English)

If you score 80% or above on your 1st or 2nd try, you have earned HKD $100 !

Review & Certificate

google translate.PNG

Read through our notes, absorb and complete the homework assignment. 

  • whenever you don't know how to pronounce

  • whenever you don't know the meanings of the words

  • Get it clarified, so we can remove the barriers and learn this gap

Help is here!  Take complete advantage of online technology !

Submit homework and if you receive 80% or above, you can move on to the next learning gap. Of course, you will also get the HKD $100 reward from us.

Remember to read the notes that our teachers have left for you to avoid making the same mistake again !


  • foster independence, you seek, you find, you solve, you retain

  • student gives effort, gets to learn more

                                                       -  pronunciation

                                                       -  meaning

  • speed up English reading

  • increase use of new vocabulary

Our Pioneered 3 tier Learning System

Stage 1 : 


Our teacher has left you private notes, images and voice messages regarding your mistakes.

  • look at our whiteboard and targeted explanation

  • These teaching comments and advice focus on what you are struggling with.

Repeat the homework assignment now with greater

confidence !  Submit homework, receive 80%, collect HKD $100 and move on to the next learning gap !


  • Repetition fosters memorization & retainment

  • speed up English reading

  • Increase use of new vocabulary

Stage 2: Private notes, images and voice messages

2 zoom in better.png

Students will receive a private lesson with our teachers to resolve all confusion.

  • one-on-one private lesson

  • go through the lesson with you and work on the assignment with you until your grasp what you are struggling with

Your English gap is resolved and move on to the next homework assignment !


  • complete focus on your struggles

  • repetition, retainment, remembrance, understanding

Stage 3 : Private lesson

Learning can be fun & motivational !

Get rewarded $100HKD per lesson NOW !

Get In Touch

"To know my own learning gaps and actually have lessons that target those gaps really helped me overcome old errors.  I especially like how I am able to develop a better English foundation and all the classes I am enrolling in are the ones I am struggling with.  I like this personalized touch "

Shirley Lim (Malaysia)

"EduSteps online English courses and live teacher support improved my english so quickly.  Being able to earn money whilst learning is a great motivator"

Xian Yi (Bejing, China)

What impressed me with Edusteps' online English learning is that each lesson I am doing has 3 stages.  The repetition within the lesson helped me a lot to remember and retain the concepts I had just learned.  I especially like how if I can perform well and get over 80% by stage 2 of a lesson, Edusteps gives me money for my future education.  That is an amazing encouragement and motivator.

Chaiporn Watcharaviriyakul (Thailand)

Fill in the Form and Take the Free English Placement Test NOW!

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