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Summer Camp Experience For My Kid: Q&A

Dear Parents,

With summer just around the corner, we have a lot of parents asking about different summer camp programs, trying to find one that is perfect for their kids, and just find it really hard to decide which camp to enroll in. I am going to try an answer some general questions parents have typically been asking us and I hope this can help in your decision making.

What other fees am I looking at that are not stated?

As you can see from our poster, all of summer camps are all-inclusive. The weekly fee includes tuition for the student, meal and accommodation, daily afternoon and evening extracurricular activities, excursions, and airport pickup & drop off. Our prices are transparent and are clearly listed for each summer program on our website including a sample timetable and all the available extracurricular activities students can choose. The only item we do not include is the airplane ticket. Parents can help students book the tickets or we can assist with that, we do not charge extra and quote the price as per the airline.

Will my kid be bored? Will my kid be bullied?

Honestly, from the years we have been running summer camps for schools and individual students, we have not witnessed any bullying. All students are coming to the camp excited with the expectation of having fun with other kids their age, ready to experience and see new things, and everyone is aware there are students from all over the world joining them in this experience. Also, our low # of students to teacher ratio makes it easy for teachers to know each student personally and they are there to make sure everyone is participating and having fun. Your kid will be so busy, there really is no time for them to be bored. Have a look at our sample schedule on the website!

My kid English is not good, what if he can’t express himself?

We find this is usually a worry and concern we adults have and not the kids. Children and experienced teachers are very good with verbal cues and body language. Everyone is very respectful and we are creating a friendly English environment for them to have fun learning. All our students leave camp with a huge smile on their faces and actually do not want to leave! Check out the testimonials parents and students give us from previous years on our website.

Why join your summer program?

Well, we have been offering great summer programs for students for over 10 years, mainly with schools. We started meeting individual parents and offer them these international summer camps since 3 years ago. The reason we started working with individual parents like yourself is because we hear feedback from you about school summer programs. You want your kids to go overseas and meet students from different parts of the world. You want them to actually use English and not hang out with the same classmates. That is why we are now also working with parents like yourself, to fill in this need.

If this is not a ducky tour, what if my kid get lost?

That will not happen because there will be adult supervision the entire time, even on the flight. We will be enrolling the student with “UM” unaccompanied minor services. From the moment you drop off your kid at the airline counter, there will be a flight attendant that will be taking care of him. The flight attendant will be passing HK immigration with him, going to the boarding gate with him, boarding and taking flight with him, upon arrival, they will go through immigration together, collect the luggage and the flight attendant will safely drop off the student at the hands of our teacher who is waiting for him at arrival hall. Your kid will be under adult supervision at all times and he will not get lost or not know which plane to board.

I find this very expensive. Is this worth it?

We do have some parents share with us that they feel this can be quite expensive and not sure if it is worth the money. I cannot determine that for you, but I can break down the cost for you to help you decide if this is expensive or not. If we place the program at around $12000/week, that would be around $1500 per day. Let's not say the child is being supervised 24 hours a day, let's just say he is learning and participating various activities for only $12 hours a day, that would work out to around $140hkd per hour. If we look at the hourly rate, will the child actually be able to fully experience an overseas summer experience, immersed in interactive learning, numerous extracurricular activities, full day excursion sight seeing, and with boarding and healthy meals provided if they are in Hong Kong? That's why summer camps are now so popular and why it can very well be worth the experience for kids

So, these are some of the most common questions we encounter and I hope this sharing can shed a little light onto the quality of our programs and what we believe in~ the diverse and international summer camp experience where the student can really experience another country while learning and having fun with students from different parts of the world. If there is a summer program you are interested in, let us know! We would love to give you more details or answer questions you might have!

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