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Online learning is better than you could imagine!

Online learning is becoming a bigger and bigger trend in the world. More Hong Kong people are getting to know what online learning is. Why is online learning becoming more popular ? What is so special about our online learning lessons? The flexibility of the content of our lessons.

All of our online lessons are personalized. After you have finished the free placement test we provided, we will know your English gaps and design the most suitable lessons for you according to your gaps and help you solve them. Therefore, you don’t need to waste any time on learning things that you already know well. We also have speaking lessons. In Hong Kong, most of the students are taught English at school but always faced the same problem -- ” I have put so much time in learning English and I get great scores at school. Still, I am not able to talk with other people in English fluently and express myself. Why is that so? “ Have YOU ever thought of the same question as well?

After observing how the students learn English, we found out that all of them have the same learning bad habit ---ignoring pronunciation.. They get high scores at school because they are good at writing and reading. Still, when it comes to real-life conversation, they freeze. They neglect the pronunciation, so they don’t know how to say the words correctly. If you don’t know how to pronounce the words, there is no way that the others can understand what you say. From our online speaking classes, you get having conversations with our teachers in English. You can listen to the pronunciation of different words and see if you are pronouncing them correctly. At the same time, you can pay attention to how the teacher expresses some complicated thoughts in English or use expressions that are not commonly taught at school. For example, “ I feel like going to the beach today” actually means that “ I want to go to the beach today”. Our teacher will also find out your mistakes and teach you the correct way of expressing yourself.

Teaching and learning based on your absorption and learning rate

Everyone's learning rate and absorption rate aren't the same and our online learning has the flexibility and adaptability to teach based on your learning speed. If you understand quickly and completed the assignment quickly, you will move on to the next lesson. If you find it difficult or you are stuck, your teacher will have private one-on-one lesson with you to resolve your confusions and give you the support and guidance you need. We are able to focus on your learning needs, not the needs of a group of students taking the same lesson, and that is why it is so personalized and you are able to maximize your learning because of technology and our pioneer teaching methodology.

Time Flexibility

The flexibility of time is also very important. Don’t want to rush to the learning center after school? Don’t want to sacrifice your hobbies because of academic lessons? Don’t have any time aside from work? Our online lessons is the best option. You can decide when to start your lessons and complete the homework. After assigning you your lessons, you will have 14 days to read notes and do your homework. Something happened and you must stop doing your homework? Just continue it when you are free again! You can pause it at anytime. It is that flexible!

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