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Introduction to App Coding Timetable 2019

(at Oxford)




Topics covered : 

  • Introduction to programming concepts and the fundamentals of app design and development

  • ADLC, native vs cross-platform apps, web and hybrid app development, UI & UX issues, and more.

  • How to design app interfaces from prototypes & wireframes using Sketch

  • Introduction to Xcode, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for MacOS and programming with Swift

  • Publishing apps on the App Store

  • Usability testing exercises

  • Project presentations

  • 編程概念介紹以及應用程式設計和開發的基礎知識

  • ADLC,跨平台應用程式,Web和混合應用程式開發,UI和UX問題等。

  • 如何使用Sketch原型和線框設計出應用程式界面

  • Xcode簡介,MacOS開發環境(IDE)和Swift編程

  • 在App Store上發布應用程式

  • 可用性測試練習

  • 成品介紹

Example Excursions 2019

​短途旅程 2019


Warwick Castle


A visit one of the UK's most loved attractions. You can experience 1,000 years of history. There are attractions and activities within the castle grounds, You also get the opportunity to climb the battlements.


參觀英國最受歡迎的景點之一。 您可以在此體驗1000年的歷史, 城堡內的景點和活動,您甚至也有機會攀登城垛。


Blenheim Palace

Nestled in the heart of Oxfordshire, Sir Winston Churchill’s family home is a captivating excursion for ORA students. Complete with the breathtaking Marlborough Tapestries, impressive sculpture and stunning gardens, the Palace gives students a thoroughly cultural experience.

溫斯頓丘吉爾爵士的家庭住宅位於牛津郡的中心地帶,是迷人的遊覽景點。 皇宮擁有令人嘆為觀止的Marlborough Tapestries,令人印象深刻的雕塑和美麗的花園,為學生提供了徹底的文化體驗。


Drayton Manor
Drayton Manor樂園

Drayton Manor is home to over 100 rides and attractions, as well as a fifteen-acre zoo. Visit the many different types of birds, reptiles and mammals, before letting off some steam on the exhilarating rides. Students can round off the day by tackling the vertiginous aerial assault course or enjoying a round of crazy golf.

Drayton Manor樂園擁有100多個遊樂設施和景點,以及佔地15英畝的動物園。 學生可以參觀許多不同類型的鳥類,爬行動物和哺乳動物,然後在令人振奮的遊樂設施上放鬆一下。 學生參與令人眩暈的空中突擊課程或享受一輪瘋狂的高爾夫來度過這一天。


London Theatre 


The chance to visit London's West End and see renowned shows is an exciting prospect for many students. With a variety of critically-acclaimed performances available, students could be lucky enough to watch Wicked, Les Misérables, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, School of Rock or many other possibilities.

對於許多學生來說,參觀倫敦西區和觀看知名節目的機會是令人興奮的經驗。 通過各種廣受好評的表演,學生們可以幸運地觀看女巫前傳,孤星淚,獅子王,歌劇魅影,搖滾校園或許多其他有名的演出。


Roman Baths


A trip to the world-famous Roman Baths presents students with the chance to explore Roman Britain. A series of baths and springs reveal past Roman beliefs, including remains of curse tablets thrown into the water to bring misfortune upon enemies.

參觀世界著名的羅馬浴場,讓學生有機會探索羅馬英國。 一系列的浴室和泉水展示了過去的羅馬信仰,包括詛咒片的殘骸扔進水中給敵人帶來不幸。


West Midland Safari Park

West Midlands 野生動物園

The West Midlands Safari Park offers an immersive exploration of animal exhibits. A walkthrough trail is designed to educate young visitors about periods of zoological history and give them the chance to see incredible creatures. Students can explore the ice age and the land of the dinosaurs on their journey, even coming face to face with life-sized models as they go.


West Midlands 野生動物園給學生一個透過動物展覽探索動物的經驗。 當中的漫步路徑旨在教育學生關於動物歷史的時期,並讓他們有機會看到令人難以置信的生物。 學生們可以在旅途中探索冰河時代和恐龍之地,甚至可以在他們去的時候面對面見識與真實大小一樣的動物模型。

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