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澳大利亞昆士蘭   Queensland, Australia

坎特伯雷學院    Canterbury College

小學1年級至6年級      Junior School Year 1 - 6

簡介    Introduction

Canterbury College offers students from Year 1 to Year 6 a supportive, stimulating environment with a strong academic focus, complemented by effective wellbeing programs and a diverse extracurricular program.

Canterbury offers a comprehensive curriculum which produces strong results. Each child’s progress
is mapped to ensure developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous programs are provided.
Our NAPLAN results are consistently excellent, and our students are eager to learn, taking advantage of the range of opportunities offered to them.


The Code of Conduct and Charter of Values are implicit within everything our students do. Respect, compassion and integrity are cornerstones of the Junior School. Through enacting these core values, our Junior School students feel values, cared for and safe.






​提供科目     Courses Provided

  • English 
    Extra literacy activities including: the ICAS Competition in English; Reader’s Cup and the Premier’s Reading Challenge; Book Week festivities; spelling and literature competitions; and QDU Round Robin Debating

  • Maths
    Junior School students participate in Maths Olympiad and the ICAS Competition in Mathematics.

  • Science

  • History
    All year levels participate in History-related excursions.

  • Technology

  • Music, Drama and Visual Art

  • Physical Education


額外文學活動包括:ICAS英語比賽; 閱讀盃和閱讀挑戰; 閱讀週; 拼字和文學比賽; 和QDU Round Robin辯論比賽







額外計劃      Extra Programs

canterbury junior-3.PNG
canterbury junior-5.PNG



Specialist teachers work with all students in weekly lessons designed to improve their skills and fitness while also teaching them a love of physical activity and how to be good sports. Students from Year 1 to Year 3 are also given a range of opportunities to participate. From Year 4 to Year 6, students may participate in Junior The Associated Sport (JTAS) which involves interschool competitions and regular training. The Canterbury sporting program is popular, supportive and of an excellent quality.



Canterbury College advocates a whole school “holistic” approach to wellbeing. We believe that student wellbeing occurs through the creation of positive interpersonal relationships that involve trust, integrity, respect, and compassion. Social learning is created by working collaboratively and cooperatively with other students, College staff and the wider community. Canterbury College seeks to develop in each student a feeling of self-worth so that they may achieve their full potential. This is part of what our teachers do on a daily basis.

費用     Fees
















6年級 - 學習資源

$21,450 澳元/ 每年

$260 澳元

$775 澳元

$930 澳元

$485 澳元/ 每年

$ 950 澳元

$ 620 澳元/ 每年

$ 260 澳元

$15,821 澳元/ 每年

$330 澳元

$550 澳元

$300 澳元

$130-230 澳元/ 每程

$620 澳元/ 每年

$1,342 澳元/ 每年

# 最終費用以學校公佈為準

​學生感受    Testimonials


Sally, UK

I love Canterbury College because Canterbury College’s international student support is excellent. My friends at Canterbury College are friendly and very helpful. My teachers are always so helpful. They help me a lot with my academic work. I wish I could go to an Australian university in the future, after I graduate from Canterbury College. I want to study medicine. I am happy to have come to Canterbury College.

我喜歡坎特伯雷學院因為坎特伯雷學院提供的國際學生支援非常好。 我在坎特伯雷學院的朋友很友善,而且非常樂於助人。 我的老師經常幫助我, 他們在我的學術上幫助了我很多。 我希望畢業後,我可以就讀澳大利亞的大學。我想學習醫學。我很高興來到坎特伯雷學院上學。


Justin, Hong Kong

I absolutely love it here. The teachers are very helpful and funny and whenever you have a question you can just go ask them and they’re willing to help all the time. I really like the environment in our school.  It’s lovely to study here. After graduation, I would like to become a teacher just like the teachers here, to help students achieve their goals and improve their grades. Thank you so much Canterbury College for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and so many amazing teachers. 

我非常喜歡這裡。老師都非常樂於助人和有趣,每當你有問題時,你都可以去問他們,他們都願意一直幫你。 我非常喜歡我們學校的環境。畢業後,我想像這裡的老師一樣成為一名老師,幫助學生實現目標,提升成績。 我非常感謝坎特伯雷學院為我提供了這麼好的機會和眾多優秀的老師。

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