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美國聖地牙哥縣   San Diego, USA

陸海軍學院(男校)   Army & Navy Academy (Boys)

初中7年級至8年級      Middle School Grade 7 - 8

簡介    Introduction

The Academy offers boys a life-changing and transformative experience. By igniting their passion for learning and personal development, adolescent boys forge their unique identities, set personal goals, and become motivated to excel as they move from boyhood to manhood.

The Army and Navy Academy is the only school on the West Coast offering a boarding school on the beach, stellar leadership training, character development centered on key virtues and values, and boy-friendly single-gender learning pedagogies. As a college preparatory military boarding school built exclusively for boys, everything we do is designed to help Cadets excel in all facets of life.

學院為男生給予一次改變人生和變革的體驗。 通過點燃他們對學習和個人發展的熱情,青年男孩可以打造到他們自己獨特的身份,設定個人目標,並在他們從少年時期走向成人時間時受到鼓舞。



​提供科目     Courses Provided


  • English 7, 8


  • Geography 7

  • History 8


  • Life Science 7

  • Physical Science 8


  • Mathematics 7, 8


  • Art

  • Band


  • 英語7, 8


  • 地理 7

  • 歷史 8


  • 生活科學 7

  • 物理科學 8


  • 數學 7 , 8


  • 藝術

  • 樂隊

額外計劃      Extra Programs

Athletics/Physical Training (PT)

All Cadets participate in interscholastic athletic teams or physical training classes throughout the year. The Academy’s athletic program offers thirteen varsity and five junior varsity teams that compete in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) San Diego Section. In addition, Cadets may participate in one of the two club teams (surfing and weightlifting).

所有學生全年內會參加校際運動隊或體能訓練班。學院的體育計劃包括有13個校隊和5個少年校隊,讓學生可以代表學校參加加州校際協會(CIF)聖地牙哥區。 此外,學生亦可以參加2個學會之一(滑浪和舉重)。

課外活動       Extracurricular Activities

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棒球 Baseball   籃球 Basketball

耐力跑 Cross Country     操典隊 Drill Team

橄欖球 Football     高爾夫球 Golf

步槍 Riflery     足球 Soccer

衝浪 Surfing    游泳 Swimming

網球 Tennis     田徑 Track and Field

水球 Water Polo 摔跤 Wrestling

費用     Fees


  • 學費 - $41,500 美元

  • 書籍,制服,洗衣和雜費均需額外費用

  • 如有需要,ESOL課程和學習策略課程均需額外費用

# 最終費用以學校公佈為準

​學生感受    Testimonials

army & navy - 14.PNG

Thomas, Canada

I learnt how to succeed through adversity as well as humility while still carrying my shoulders broadly. These experiences I have had at the academy are life lessons I will definitely be taking with me to NYU next year.


army & navy - 13.PNG

Jonathan, Hong Kong

Since I have been here, I have learnt to figure things out for myself and have discipline and self-reliance. That has helped me find out what my next move is and it will absolutely help me later in life as I graduate.

自從我來到這里以來,我已經學會了為自己解決問題並且變得有紀律和自立。 這幫助我找到我的下一步計劃,這對我畢業後的生活絕對有很大幫助。

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