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Leadership & Military Discipline Training

11-16 years old


Introduction & Fees

  • Transforming boys and girls into disciplined cadets and future leaders through disciplined and leadership training , personal character building and personal excellence.

  • The Academy offers students of both genders  a life-changing and transformative experience. By igniting their passion for learning and personal development, they will  forge their unique identities, set personal goals, and become motivated to excel as they move from childhood to a responsible adolescent and young adult.

  • International students will be training at the facility where Junior Reserve Officers and Cadets are trained and disciplined in California of United States

  • Students will gain gain invaluable life skills while taking part in recreation activities, and team challenges that reinforce accountability, discipline, respect, and other traits that set the foundations of success.

  • As a college preparatory military boarding school, everything we do is designed to help Cadets excel in all facets of life

  • Suitable for students between 11-13 years old (Junior Program) and 14-16 (Senior program)

Fee: $15500 HKD/week, including:

  • Daily physical training, drills & ceremonies, leadership education & training, & team building activities

  • Evening time recreation and excursions

  • School boarding and 3 meals

  • Transportation and pick up to and from Airport

  • All materials

​$500 HKD application fee for:

  • Completion of all registration forms ​required by the Academy

  • Completion of all forms required by the government of home and host country (additional fees as per home country for issuance of USA visa if your passport carrying country is not visa free)

  • Issuance of school letter, enrollment letter, place of accommodation letter, and confirmation of care of minor letter in the United States as required by the Immigration of the United States


Accommodation & Meals

  • Forge friendships with like-minded and academically motivated young people interested in the same field

  • Formal end of summer graduation party

  • Boarding school with 24 hours live-in staff supervision

  • Dedicated team of program directors and counsellors to ensure that students are looked after pastorally, culturally and socially during their programme 24 hours a day


Training & Activities

  • Camp Challenge classes and activities concentrate on developing sound character, leadership skills, and responsibility while enhancing confidence and providing opportunities for Summer Cadets to:

  • Acquire honor and pride for themselves and their community

  • Build positive self-esteem through goal accomplishment

  • Become a self-disciplined leader of peers, with respect for others

  • Develop study skills and strategies

  • Learn to avoid and resolve conflicts

  • Strive for realization of individual potential

  • Daily team building and recreational activities that support structured discipline training, independence, and critical thinking to be future leaders

  • Enrich college applications and school transcripts

  • Our Program includes:

            Being a Leader of Peers

            Avoiding and Resolving Conflict

            Study Skills and Strategies

            Community Service

            Physical Training

            Team Building Challenges

  • Enjoy full access to our oceanfront campus facilities, including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, cafeteria, library, media center, recreation center, swimming pool, tennis courts, athletic field, and private beach access

  • Development of leadership skills, Team-building exercises, Increased confidence, and New friendships

  • Exciting excursions to 4th of July Celebration, ANA Carnival, and Boomers Amusement Park

  • Team building extracurricular activities include paintball, bowling, trivia contests

  • Report card, Certificate of studies, and graduation ceremony at the end of your stay

  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in association with the California Association of Independent Schools, Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States, National Association of College Admissions Counselors, Cum Laude Society, and the College Board.

  • Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable (for reference only)


Introduction to Leadership & Military Discipline Training (Junior students)

2 weeks (July 1st to July 13th 2019) or (July 15th to July 27th)

11-13 years old

Designed for Middle School Summer Cadets who are just beginning to explore their leadership potential and training. The camp includes formal leadership instruction in addition to "Foundations of Success" subject matter. Summer Cadets will attain invaluable life skills, including self-confidence, team-building, accountability, discipline, and respect.


Intensive Leadership & Military Discipline Training
(Junior students)

4 weeks (July 1st to July 27th 2019)

11-13 years old

Available only to Summer Cadets that have completed the “Introduction ot Leadership & Military Discipline Training) course, this level consists of a more advanced curriculum in leadership combined with an introduction to subjects that will help prepare cadets for high school.  The focus is on the Core Values of Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty, and Selfless Service.


Introduction to Leadership & Military Discipline Training (Senior Students)

2 weeks (July 1st to July 13th 2019) or (July 15th to July 27th)

14-16 years old

Leadership education with group instruction, hands-on learning, and outdoor adventures.  This introduction to basic leadership focuses on the core values of honor, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and selfless service motivating Summer Cadets and allowing them to add “leadership training” to their resumes and college applications.


Intensive Leadership & Military Discipline Training (Senior students)

4 weeks (July 1st to July 27th 2019)

14-16 years old

Summer Cadets learn to focus on achievement as they work to overcome physical and mental team challenges while developing self-confidence as leaders and contributing team members.  Specifically designed for high school students, our program will reward successful participants with 180 hours of Leadership Education and Training. Participants will develop self-confidence as leaders and as active team members.


If cadets decide to take the 4 weeks training program, the 3rd and 4th week of the program focus on more advanced citizenship skills while continuing their development as self-confident team members.  Building on their first 2 weeks experience, the last 2 weeks take part in health and first aid instruction designed to promote wellness through nutrition, physical fitness, and substance abuse prevention.


Our son just graduated after spending 3 years at the academy.  He came from years of public schools where he was invisible and getting lost in the system.  The academy provided him with the tools and opportunities to get into an ivy league college. With some effort, respect, motivation, and hard work, your son can succeed and prosper here. The classes are small so the teachers and staff can give more attention to their students. The staff is very supportive of the boys and have every incentive to see them succeed.  The military environment provides structure and accountability which all boys can benefit from. There are a multitude of opportunities for the boys to achieve positions in leadership and excellence. There is a brotherhood that exists amongst the boys (they come from all over the world) and they gain friendships that last a lifetime. We are so thankful that we made the choice to send our son here!!

Parent of William


As an Alumni from this school, I can say that it was absolutely the best investment my parents made for me to attend here. This school certainly directed me to take the correct path in life. I can remember going here like it was yesterday.  I made so many great memories and lifetime quality friends. I did not make a career in the Army or Navy but the structure that I was taught here was by far the Best! Living on the beach was a dream and time flew by. I just can't find or think of anything negative of this Academy and proud that I had the opportunity to attend.

Curtis, US


Our son is just completing his freshman year at the academy.  Simply, we could not be more pleased with the experience he's had!  The school has captured our son's imagination and motivated him to work hard and be his best in all ways.

Each of our son's teachers has proven to be intelligent, organized, caring, supportive, communicative and hard working.  The international student community has taught our son quite a bit and been another positive for him.

If your son is willing to accept the challenge - and it is challenging - the academy has tremendous resources that will help him meet the challenge and take his own performance to the next level!~

Parent of Mike

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2. Upload Passport for Application

3. Confirmation & Payment

4. All Documentations Processed


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