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University of Oxford /
University of Cambridge
Law Summer Camp

13-15  /  16-18  /  19-25  years old

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Introduction & Fees

  • Law is a highly demanding and desirable profession, so we seek to provide students with valuable insight into what a top Law school or Law firm requires of its applicants. We aim to provide a realistic sense of what a legal career involves, as well as a strong set of transferable skills that will be of equal use at school and in the workplace

  • Located at University of Oxford/University of Cambridge: with a long and distinguished pedigree of legal excellence at one of the most prestigious university in the world

  • Give you the edge when applying for the law school with hands-on experience, critical thinking and skills desired, and invaluable guidance and insider tip with your university application

  • Visits and observations in the field of law with excursions and field trips specially designed to introduce you to this faculty, meet  practicing professionals, acclaimed professors, and lecturers that will give you advice, answer your questions, and open your eyes to its daily practice

  • We offer potential students insights and transferable skills in the competitive and highly demanding field of law; offering students an invaluable experience and a step ahead of other potential applicants

  • Make valuable connections and connect and meet students that are interested in the same field as you continue to progress and be part of this elite profession

  • More information below:  13-15 years old (Introduction to Law), 16-18 years old (Law school preparation), 19-15 years old (International law in the 21st Century)

  • Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of subject-specific activities and excursions. From witnessing a real criminal trial at a London court to working on moots and mock trials in the classroom

  • Time: 2 weeks program with following dates:

    June 9th - June 22nd (full)
    June 23rd-July 6th,
    July 7th-July 20th,
    July 21st-Aug 3rd,
    Aug 4th -Aug 17th,
    Aug 18th -Aug 31st

Fee: $26500 HKD/week, including:

  • Law tuition

  • Afternoon extracurricular activities and night time team games

  • 1 day of excursions

  • School boarding and 3 meals

  • Transportation and pick up to and from Heathrow airport on Sundays

  • School books and study materials

$500 HKD application fee for:

  • Completion of all registration forms ​required by the University

  • Completion of all forms required by the government of home and host country (additional fees as per home country for issuance of UK visa if your passport carrying country is not visa fee)

  • Issuance of school letter, enrollment letter, place of accommodation letter, and confirmation of care of minor letter in the United Kingdom as required by the Immigration of the United Kingdom

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Accommodation & Meals

  • Forge friendships with like-minded and academically motivated young people interested in the same field

  • Formal end of summer graduation party

  • Boarding school with 24 hours live-in staff supervision

  • Accommodated in comfortable single or twin rooms of same gender

  • Dedicated team of program directors and counsellors to ensure that students are looked after pastorally, culturally and socially during their programme 24 hours a day


Law Tuition & Activities

  • Achieve a head start on the road to law schools

  • Plan ahead for law school school:  focus on honing the necessary skills to secure a place in a reputable Law school and – ultimately – a top Law firm

  • The opportunity and chance to get ahead in terms of applications and the direction of your study  and making valuable connections with other budding lawyers

  • 20 hours law tuition per week

  • Small class size of 15 students

  • Practical hands on workshop and training, and site visits witnessing a real criminal trial at a London court to working on moots and mock trials in the classroom, fostering a genuine interest in the day-to-day reality of life as a legal practitioner

  • To further enhance the abroad experience, guest lecturers from different fields of specialization will share and speak with students

  • Talks and debates with world-class guest speakers

  • Extensive selection of cultural programs

  • Report card, Certificate of studies, and graduation ceremony at the end of your stay

ORA Cambs (62).png

Introduction to Law:
 13-15 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

The overall aim of this programme is to provide participants with an initial advantage as they start their journey towards becoming a lawyer.  Students will be introduced to multiple legal strands, including Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Tort Law. A group project will enable students to develop key skills for a career in Law, and a mock trial in class will provide practical experience in the profession.  


By the end of this course, students will have:

  • An early insight into life as a Law student at university or college

  • Developed key skills for success in Law through a group project

  • Been introduced to a variety of different fields within Law

  • Participated in a mock classroom-based trial

Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


Law School Preparation:
16-18 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

For students who want to get ahead of the pack, and focus on honing the necessary skills to secure a place in a reputable Law school and – ultimately – a top Law firm.  Students who have taken this course will be able to approach applications to law school from a position of greater understanding. Additionally, having become acclimatised to the way law is studied at university, they will be ready to work in the right way from their first day at law school, gaining a head-start over peers who may still be settling in.


The course will introduce students to the intricate details of Law in the UK, including Criminal Law, the Laws of Tort, Contract Employment and Human Rights. It will equip students with a strong set of logical and argumentative skills, alongside techniques that will enable them to construct convincing arguments both in essays and in oral debate.


In addition, students will be provided with dedicated help for UK Law school applications, including assistance in interview prep, the LNAT (the exam required by most top UK Law schools) and in drafting personal statements.


A particular highlight for our students is witnessing a criminal trial to experience advocacy first-hand and to gain a sense of what it is like to speak in court. Students will also get a chance to work in groups on a moot, which is an oral presentation of a legal argument against an opponent in the presence of a judge. Students will be given a set of facts, and research and prepare an argument on behalf of their (fictional) clients. Through the exercise students will practise their speech-writing and advocacy skills. The programme ends with a mock trial in which all students will play different roles.


By the end of the course students will:

  • Have gained an insight into what constitutes a strong application to study Law at a UK university

  • Be able to approach applications to Law school from a position of greater understanding

  • Have developed and practised their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills

  • Improved their interview technique and grown in confidence in their presentation skills

  • Gained an understanding of Contract, Commercial and Business Law in the UK

  • Strengthened their public speaking and debating skills

  • Developed their confidence in presenting their arguments in a range of different contexts

  • Witnessed a real life criminal trial in a Court

  • Drafted a personal statement for their Law School application and understood the admissions processes


Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


International Law in the 21st Century:
19-25 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

This course will offer a thorough grounding in the principles of Law across key topics, and how the systems of Law that we have are justified from a philosophical standpoint. Additionally, it offers valuable training in debating and discussing complex and often controversial topics in a respectful way; a skill that is valuable not only at university but also in the workplace. Law requires clear and precise communication, and a key aim of this course is to train all students in communicating in this way.


in this course enables students to gain a better understanding of legal systems all over the globe. The course covers Human Rights and explores the role played by international institutions in an interconnected world. It also studies international dispute settlement, highlighting some of the most famous cases of disputes between countries, or between states and non-state actors. By discussing international commercial arbitration, we explore in this course the ways in which international agreements and arbitration awards are enforced globally through hard law and soft law.


By the end of this course, students will have:

  • Been trained in debating and discussing complex and controversial topics

  • Visited the court of international arbitration in London

  • Studied the principles and systems of Law

  • Understood the philosophy and origins of Law


Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


It was one of the best summer school I have ever been to. Not only in the sense that it was most entertaining, but also as it perfectly combined exciting activities with a riveting and meticulous course. In reference to the course of my choice, Introduction to Law, I can honestly say it was extremely well taught and informative, giving clear insight into the concepts of law and the profession.

Regarding the activities and social life, I was highly surprised as I was at first nervous and apprehensive about whether I would be able to get along with a group of kids that were not only unknown to me, but also from completely different cultures. My initial fears were almost instantly forgotten, as everyone was amazing. What is more, due to the programme I made lifelong friends and met people with similar interests to myself. Together we enjoyed a number of great activities, such as watching a Shakespeare play in the garden of one of Oxford’s wonderful colleges, going out to town for delicious ice-cream or a smoothie, admiring Oxford’s Botanic Garden, and much, much more.  Thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable experience that I will always cherish and recall with a feeling of joy and appreciation!

Martha, United Kingdom


Summer school at the University of Oxford was an experience like no other! We were blessed to experience daily life in the exceptional city of Oxford with newly made friends from all around the world. The outstanding hybrid culture served as yet another area through which we could learn more about ourselves, each other, and the academics we were all interested in by comparing and contrasting perspectives. Enrolling myself for this course as part of the Law programme was, to this day, the best decision I’ve ever made, as I am now certain that a career in Law is what I wish to pursue. I had an amazing time  and I want to thank everybody who made that possible.

Petrina, Greece


Year after year the allure of Oxford University has pulled me back. Studying Creative Writing and Psychology to Law Preparation, the possibilities were endless. What attracted me was how each experience was completely different in a beautiful way. Every year I saw new faces and heard different perspectives, which expanded my knowledge of what was and is really going on in the world. The summer programs allowed me to taste the ‘independent university life’, but with the comfort and guidance of organizers and counsellors. It helped me find my way and shape who I am and what I want to be.


It is no secret that we are living during hard time, when people see the colour of your skin and your religion before your heart and mind. However, during my time here, I have seen such a beautiful blend of culture and traditions. I have seen people of uncommon backgrounds share different opinions and beliefs and discuss their interests with respect. We have been able to do what so many of our current leaders can’t do and that is listen and share. The memories we have all made will stay with us forever and this is only the first chapter of what is to come.

Sara, Greece

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