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" I am very glad that I have signed up for this course before I took the DSE Exam! I didn’t understand why my answers were wrong before at school. My teachers would only ask me to remember the answers. I didn’t need to understand the grammar. After taking this course, the teacher’s explanation is very detailed. He always makes sure that I really get the usage before going onto the next topic.

Now, I finally understand the grammar that I never understood before and

I can finally make obvious progress in doing DSE mock papers! "


                                                                                                                  Kathy Siu

HKDSE English Course

Our courses are designed based on the content of HKDSE and the content of the class is concentrated which helps students master the main points of English and exam skills in a short time. The content is fully personalized and one-on-one. We focus on your learning gaps and what you are struggling with.  We will find them and fix them with you. The focus is only on you  and the focus is no longer separated by other students.


In order to prepare for the DSE exam and to meet the needs of all students as much as we can, we provide a comprehensive DSE course. We also have individual unit course in four aspects of speaking, writing, reading and listening.


We can find out the mistakes and weaknesses that you have when doing DSE paper and explain how you can find out the answers. We help you understand the grammar and usage and how you should write the correct answers.

In addition, our teachers will provide you with exclusive tips for taking DSE! The teacher will provide you with an exclusive test guide, so that you can benefit from it even if you only have a small amount of time left.

HKDSE English Course


In our reading comprehension lessons, there are two parts, "View Text" and "View Summary".


Students are able to read the entire content of the article and we also teach the words and sentences related to the topic of the article, so that students can become more familiar with the background content of the article. Exposure to more diverse content is very important for DSE candidates because students can learn more about new words and content.


Don't know what to write? Do not worry! You will be taught the skills of analyzing the topic and at the same time, we teach the format of different composition types, so that your mark will not be deducted because of using unsuitable format.


In addition, we will teach you different sentence structures and many other words with the same meaning to make your writing stand out.


We will let you pause and start recording at any time because we think that you can concentrate on listening and have the ability to find the correct answer on your own, even if you need to listen to it several times. Finally, you will succeed in improving your English listening ability.


In addition, we will provide additional notes on grammar part. Not only do we want to improve your English listening ability, but we also want you to learn more English from the recordings.


To learn to speak English fluently, apart from having a good learning platform, you need a good English conversational tutor and we have them both!


We will teach you the pronunciation, syllables and accents of the correct words through live dialogue. Once you learn the correct pronunciation, we will teach you how the  words should be connected smoothly and naturally, just like native English speakers. Don't rely on online dictionaries to learn speaking!

*** Exclusive Edusteps Teacher’s Tips ! ! ***


Our DSE English Course is guided by a teacher who is authorised by the Council of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

You will have the language skills you need to succeed in the DSE exam.

You will learn the strategies to handle each DSE exam paper wisely, and how to apply it on the papers.

Paper 1:


When you encounter a MC question that asks you the meaning of a word, don't just guess the answer because you don't understand the meaning of the word at all. These answers can all be reasoned out from the content! When you are not sure about the answer, just read the content near the word and then analyze the word and the word class of it. If the answer matches all of them, then you have the right answer!

Paper 2:


Stop thinking that getting a high mark requires writing a lot of uncommon and difficult words! The most important thing about writing is that the grammar is correct, the content is smooth, and the tone is proper.

Additional tips:

Use more different sentence structures to get a higher score for your article!

Paper 3:

Listening and Integrated Skills 

When you are doing the listening paper, be sure to make use of every second, otherwise you won't have enough time to read everything in the Data File. Whenever the recording is giving you instructions and background information, you can actually use the time to read the Data File.

Paper 4:


Don't just express your opinions and forget to respond to others' opinions! The speaking test is conducted in a group discussion, so if you want to express your opinion after someone expresses their opinion, respond to the opinion of the previous candidate first. Then, you can express your thoughts, so that the examiners will know that you do listen carefully to others, not just yourself.

What is good about our HKDSE English Course?

  • Professional teaching︱   lesson emphasizes the efficiency

  • Clear progress︱  review lesson at any time

  • Flexibility︱ adjust the content of the course just for you, you can choose to complete the course of 4 aspects, or you can choose only the part you want

  • Reward︱  as long as the practice score exceeds 80%, you will be rewarded  with money

  • Technology︱  technology teaching improves learning efficiency

Take the FREE English DSE assessment test if you:

  • Want to know what score you will get on the DSE English exam! We will email you the exam and whatsapp you your score

  • Be more prepared before the DSE English exam

  • Make the final effort and use the last month to "target" wok on parts of the exam you are weak at

  • Control the amount of stuff you want to learn: Choose the # of lessons you want, study & learn based on your timetable, learn only what you don't know, with a private teacher by your side

  • For every $175 HKD lesson, you can earn $100HKD CASH for each lesson you score 80% or higher by your 2nd try

Fill in the Form and Take the FREE English DSE assessment NOW!

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Our English DSE assessment consists of 4 parts :
- Reading
- Writing
- Listening
- Spaeking

​You can choose to complete all four parts or only the part that you would like to complete.

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