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University of Oxford /
University of Cambridge
Engineering Summer Camp

13-15  /  16-18  /  19-25  years old

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Introduction & Fees

  • Future-facing and intellectually challenging, Engineering is an exciting and rewarding discipline and we are giving students a taste of the wide range of options they have when studying Engineering at university

  • Located at University of Oxford/University of Cambridge: with a long and distinguished pedigree of legal excellence at one of the most prestigious university in the world

  • Give you an Oxford or Cambridge university experience studying and living at these prestigious world-famous universities for 2 weeks

  • Give you the edge when applying for the fields of  engineering with hands-on experience, critical thinking and skills , and invaluable guidance and insider tip with your university application

  • Visits and observations in the field of engineering with excursions and field trips specially designed to introduce you to this faculty, meet  practicing professionals, acclaimed professors, and lecturers that will give you advice, answer your questions, and open your eyes to its daily practice

  • We offer potential students insights and transferable skills in the competitive and highly demanding field; offering students an invaluable experience and a step ahead of other potential applicants

  • Make valuable connections and connect and meet students that are interested in the same field as you continue to progress and be part of this elite profession

  • More information below:  13-15 years old (Introduction to Engineering), 16-18 years old (Engineering school preparation) &, 19-15 years old (All Branches of Engineering)

  • Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of subject-specific activities and excursions. Trips will take them to view practical and professional examples of excellence in engineering, and its implementation in everyday life.

  • Time: 2 weeks program with following dates:

    June 9th - June 22nd (full)
    June 23rd-July 6th,
    July 7th-July 20th,
    July 21st-Aug 3rd,
    Aug 4th -Aug 17th,
    Aug 18th -Aug 31st 

Fee: $26500 HKD/week, including:

  • Engineering Tuition

  • Afternoon extracurricular activities and night time team games

  • 1 day of excursions

  • School boarding and 3 meals

  • Transportation and pick up to and from Heathrow airport on Sundays

  • School books and study materials

$500 HKD application fee for:

  • Completion of all registration forms ​required by the University

  • Completion of all forms required by the government of home and host country (additional fees as per home country for issuance of UK visa if your passport carrying country is not visa fee)

  • Issuance of school letter, enrollment letter, place of accommodation letter, and confirmation of care of minor letter in the United Kingdom as required by the Immigration of the United Kingdom

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Accommodation & Meals

  • Forge friendships with like-minded and academically motivated young people interested in the same field

  • Formal end of summer graduation party

  • Boarding school with 24 hours live-in staff supervision

  • Accommodated in comfortable single or twin rooms of same gender

  • Dedicated team of program directors and counsellors to ensure that students are looked after pastorally, culturally and socially during their programme 24 hours a day


Engineering Tuition & Activities

  • Achieve a head start on the road to lawl school

  • Plan ahead for Engineering school:  focus on honing the necessary skills to secure a place in a reputable Engineering school and building a bright future ahead

  • 20 hours Engineering tuition per week

  • Small class size of 15 students

  • Practical hands on workshop and training, and site visits witnessing a real criminal trial at a London court to working on moots and mock trials in the classroom, fostering a genuine interest in the day-to-day reality of life as a legal practitioner

  • To further enhance the abroad experience, guest lecturers from different fields of specialization will share and speak with students

  • Talks and debates with world-class guest speakers

  • Extensive selection of cultural programs

  • Report card, Certificate of studies, and graduation ceremony at the end of your stay

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Introduction to Engineering:
 13-15 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

This course offers an interactive learning experience for students keen to immerse themselves in the dynamic field of Engineering Science.  During their two weeks of study, participants will dive straight into the discipline, covering the diverse branches of Engineering Science including Civil, Structural and Mechanical. Practical skills will be acquired through a series of design-led workshops, enabling students to gain a thorough understanding of the discipline.


By the end of the course students will have:

  • Applied practical skills in design-led workshops and activities

  • Explored the application of engineering solutions to both everyday problems and more complex issues

  • Built their knowledge and understanding of the foundations of scientific theory behind Engineering, including Maths and Physics

  • Explored possibilities for their future careers

  • Learnt about the fundamental specialisations in Engineering branches, including civil, mechanical and electrical

Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


Engineering School Preparation:
16-18 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

This course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the real-life issues and challenges faced by modern engineers, putting students in a better position to give intelligent answers to questions they might be asked in future job interviews, as well as providing a head-start in understanding what students might be up against in a future career.


Students will examine the challenges facing the modern engineer and explore some of the major unsolved problems that contemporary Engineering faces.  They will be encouraged to consider engineering as a multi-disciplinary subject, drawing on scientific theory and mathematics to understand and develop technical solutions.


By the end of this course, students will have:

  • Explored calculus, applied fluid mechanics and dynamic modelling

  • A head start towards a successful University application and admissions interview

  • Earned how to use vital software and apply this knowledge in conjunction with essential engineering concepts to solve problems

  • Learned to use software such as GNU Octave

  • Gained fundamental problem-solving skills that they can use across the disciplines of engineering, finance, the sciences and mathematics

  • Explored the core principles of engineering, including thermodynamics and how to apply these principles to key engineering systems

  • Participated in a robot competition using LEGO Mindstorms sets

Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


All Branches of Engineering
19-25 years old

(at Oxford/Cambridge)

Students will learn about the difference between the major branches of engineering: civil, mechanical, structural, electrical, chemical and aeronautical.  Students will be provided with an extensive skill set, ultimately giving them a head start in a career in the industry.


By the end of this course, students will have:

  • Explored the major branches of the Engineering sector

  • Gained an extensive understanding of the discipline

  • Investigated which area of Engineering they may wish to pursue in the future

  • Developed transferable skills invaluable to any career

  • Understood the key theories and principles within Engineering


Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


The engineering summer school program was the best experience of my life. Not only did I learn about the different types of engineering, I also met wonderful people from around the globe. We all had the chance to live the life of an Oxford student and to learn a lot about British history. The food, the college, the people, the teachers and the excursions made these two weeks unforgettable. I highly recommend this program.

Konstitinos, Greece


My time in Oxford has been amazing. I have had the chance to meet new people from all around the world in a learning atmosphere that has guided me to decide who I want to become in the future, not only to choose what will I study but also to decide what are my ambitions. All the activities have been really interesting and there is always a variety to choose from. Lessons have been superb, as students are the ones that choose their subjects, everyone is willing to learn and teachers are incredible, they are really prepared and keep motivating all of the class to participate. It has been a wonderful experience that I recommend to everyone that has the chance, I know I have made friends that will last for long and that I will not forget anything I have experienced here.

Beatriz, Spain


It was absolutely amazing to try something new this summer! I had a blast at Oxford University and got to know many new people that I am still in contact with. This camp helped me to get to know new cultures from around the world. Not only did I make new friends, I also got to see new places that were astonishing. This experience was unforgettable and definitely won’t be regrettable either! It was the best summer I have ever had!

Gurban, Turkey

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2. Upload Passport for Application

3. Confirmation & Payment

4. All Documentations Processed


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