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University of Oxford 
Business Challenge Summer Camp

13-15 years old

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Introduction & Fees

  • This course focuses primarily on developing a new business or product, introducing students to different aspects of business and encouraging them to think about the effect businesses have had on their daily lives

  • Students are introduced to different aspects of business through various scenarios, including setting up a new business, getting funding, developing a unique product and pitching it to the rest of the class

  • Workshops are designed to encourage students to apply their own ideas through interactive tasks and group activities

  • Located at University of Oxford / 

  • Suitable for students between 13-15 years old

  • Time: 2 weeks, 2019 dates:
    9th June  - 22nd June 2019
    23rd June  - 6th July 2019
    7th July  - 20th July 2019
    21st July  - 3rd August 2019
    4th August  - 17th August 2019
    18th August  - 31st August 2019
    4 weeks, 2019 dates:
    9th June  - 6th July 2019
    23rd June  - 20th July 2019
     7th July  - 3rd August 2019
     21st July  - 17th August 2019
     4th August  - 31st August 2019

Fee: $26500HKD/week, including:

  • 20+ hours minimum tuition / week

  • Afternoon extracurricular activities and workshops

  • night time team games

  • 1 day of excursions

  • School boarding and 3 meals

  • Transportation and pick up to and from Heathrow airport on Sundays

  • School books and study materials

$500 HKD application fee for:

  • Completion of all registration forms ​required by the University of Oxford 

  • Completion of all forms required by the government of home and host country (additional fees as per home country for issuance of UK visa if your passport carrying country is not visa fee)

  • Issuance of school letter, enrollment letter, place of accommodation letter, and confirmation of care of minor letter in the United Kingdom as required by the Immigration of the United Kingdom


Accommodation & Meals

  • Forge friendships with like-minded and academically motivated young people interested in the same field

  • Formal end of summer graduation party

  • Boarding school with 24 hours live-in staff supervision

  • Accommodated in comfortable single or twin rooms of same gender

  • Dedicated team of program directors and counsellors to ensure that students are looked after pastorally, culturally and socially during their programme 24 hours a day

business- 2.PNG

Tuition & Activities

  • 20+ hours tuition per week

  • Maximum 15 students per class

  • Understand the sources of success for new technological products, the factors that create demand for specific types of product, and the challenges faced by developers in marketing intangible technological products

  • Learn how to make an effective and persuasive presentation, think about the opportunities and challenges involved in the development of innovative new products or technologies, and consider the most effective strategies to market and advertise

  • Work in groups on the development of either a games or a lifestyle app, and each group will be expected to present a brief explaining their app

  • Workshops will use a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities, tasks and skills to help all learners participate effectively

  • Extensive selection of cultural programs

  • Report card, Certificate of studies, and graduation ceremony at the end of your stay

  • Click HERE for Sample weekly timetable plus, excursions, and extracurricular activities options (for reference only)


I met many different people during my first two weeks at Cambridge, of different cultures and backgrounds while participating in the Medical camp.  That was last year, and I wanted to return again this summer because I took away so much from my last summer program.  This is the first time Oxford has a niche program specifically focused on Vet science, and it makes me want to return even more!  From last year, I took away a lot of new skills and understanding in the medical field, and I hope this year, I can find a specific discipline that truly inspire me for a lifelong career in the future.

Sara, Greece


It is the perfect place for me to go, I always have a passion for English culture and the experiences are very different than those back home.  I decided to return because I fell in love with Oxford, the gardens, the old buildings, the good books, the teachers, the friends i made, it has really broaden my horizon.

Last year, I took the STEM program and this year, I want to try something different, more specialized because i am older now.  I have decided to join the Vet science program because I do notice the treatment of animals are a little bit different in Indonesia, and we really have a shortage of vets to take care of all the animals.  Perhaps this summer camp will inspire me and direct me in the right path for my future career. 

Mifta, Indonesia


I want to be a cinematographer, which is the person who controls everything that goes on behind the camera.  That's the program I took at Oxford summer camp last year, and I took away so much during my gap year.  Back home in New Jersey, I also volunteer at an animal shelter, which is another passion of mine.  This is my first year in University and I am still unsure of which route to follow.  Perhaps after enrolling in the new summer program of Vet science offered at the University of Cambridge, it will give me a more clear picture of being a cinematographer or a Veterinary. 

Rebecca, USA

4 simple steps to enroll & confirm your registration​

1. Select Camps & Dates

2. Upload Passport for Application

3. Confirmation & Payment

4. All Documentations Processed


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